Bike tours activity level guide

Our philosophy

Our bike tours are designed to be participated by a wide range of cyclists. Nothing competitive, just the exploring of a territory enjoying the “andar lento” the going slow that gives you time to see, stop, take a picture, ask about. In Italy they are called ciclo-turisti (cycle-tourists), bicycle lovers for whom the sweat & toil are part of the fun and never renounce to watch the landscape through which they are pedaling, to stop for taking a picture and savoring the local specialties.

These Italy cycling yours are designed ciclo-turisti (cycle-tourists), people who love slow-traveling but also like sweat & toil  as part of the fun. They don’t like rushing because  love taking their time to watching the landscape, taking a picture and savoring the local specialties.

Our bike tours are accessible by a wide range of people with general good health, some of them are suitable for all, some others require more training and little more experience of cycling.

Anyway let us know your wishes and ability , we will design the tour fitting your needs.

Activity level guidelines

EASY: Routes generally follow roads with little traffic and mostly flat. Max. 40/60 km per day.

EASY TO MEDIUM: Routes generally follow road mostly flat with some gentle climbs. Max. 60/80 km per day.

INTERMEDIATE: Routes generally follow flat/hilly roads with some climbs. Max. 80/100 km per day.

CHALLENGING: Routes generally follow flat/hilly roads with challenging climbs. Max. 100/120 km per day.

STRENUOUS: Routes generally follow mountain roads with strenuous climbs. Max. 110/150 km per day.