Family friendly tours and activities

Fun or kids-oriented activities or excursions for making the day of your sons and daughters more involving.

Sometimes when traveling with your family its’ not easy to satisfy the wishes and needs of everyone, especially where there are children. For them, a museum could become soon boring and we would like to get them a little more involved.

These tours and activities are not just fun, but through the fun achieve to transmit to children and adults something about art, a culture of Italy. That’s why we always give an informal slant to our guided walks, using a simple language and storytelling that keeps high the level of attention. The marble tours in Carrara are really something unbelievable, followed by the sculpting class in an authentic marble workshop will keep busy the children and very much loved even by adults!

Some of our bike tours are suitable also for kids, it depends on the age and their level of training, anyway don’t forget that we are equipped also with e-bikes. All that is related to the food is involving and fun, and what a satisfaction eat the pesto sauce that you made your won marble mortar, or enjoy a smooth tiramisù dessert!