Candia Wine Tasting

carrara wine tasting

Learn more about the local wine production by visiting one of the most beautiful wineries in the area. Visit the wine cellars and taste the local Candia red and white wines guided by the winemakers. 


Wine Experience Details


Upon your arrival in the cellar (with your own vehicle),you will be greeted by the staff and immediately the experience begins with a visit to the vineyard in order to learn about the type of grapes and the methods used for the production of the Colli di Candia DOC wine. At the end, we visit the cellar where the different winemaking methods will be illustrated according to the wine produced. At the end will be offered a tasting of 3 local wines accompanied by tastings of typical products. On request it is possible to organize Tasting / pairing of wine and food. Dinner / tasting with typical menu.

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