Cooking class in Portofino-Italian Riviera-Portofino cooking lessons

tour 4 giorni portofino e riviera

Cooking lessons for small and large groups Ligurian style available in Portofino-Italian Riviera area.

Food is more important than art and history to get to know thoroughly Italy and the Italian lifestyle. A tavola non si invecchia it is an Italian proverb “At the table you never grow old”, in other words “The good food and good company keep you young”. 

What we organize it’s not a formal cooking class, with us the food making is just an excuse to spend time together, drink, chat, eat, lough and learn about making the Ligurian specialties. Every Italian region has its own food specialties, here learn how to make some of the most famous Ligurian food specialties.

We rely on traditional restaurants located by the sea or on the hills surrounding the Portofino area, for organizing different types of cookery experiences:

  • Pesto making class. The pesto sauce is now famous all over Italy, but few people know that was born in Liguria. In this region grow easily the best ingredients for making this sauce: basil, pine-nuts, olive oil, garlic and cheese. grandma style” with marble mortar and pestle.
  • Pasta/Gnocchi making.
  • Ligurian focaccia making.
  • Traditional cakes making.
  • Wine tasting contest.
  • Olive oil tasting contest.
  • Chocolate and Rum tasting.

On request, we can also customize the class on certain dishes or land/seafood cuisine.

The food making will be followed by a tasty lunch, during which will be tasted your own foods and served other Ligurian specialties like: vegetable tarts, pasta al pesto, vegetable soup genoese style, stuffed ravioli, Cima Genovese (stuffed meat), Cappon Magro and much much more!

In the afternoon we can organize a sightseeing tour of the other coastal towns of the Riviera like Camogli, Chiavari and Santa Margherita.

If you stay in a villa, we will organize everything in your home.