Hiking – Excursion on foot at the David’s murale

Gorgeous hiking experience in the hearth of the marble mountains, walk the old quarry-men’s paths, admire breathtaking views together with the huge murale painted by Kobra depicting the head of the Michelangelo’s david and taste the local specialties.


Tour Details

Notes on the route and recommended clothing


Hiking along the quarrymen’s paths to the famous murale depicting Michelangelo’s David’s head created by Kobra for the Gioia quarry. Walk with authorized a licensed hiking guide through centuries-old chestnut woods and along the path that once the quarrymen of Colonnata followed to go to work up to the Gioia quarry.

During the hike the guide provides information on the flora and fauna of the area, upon arrival at the Gioia quarry enjoy such an unique panorama, learn more about the methods of marble excavation and extend the all over the Mediterranean sea.

Afterward descent towards Colonnata by passing through the Vergheto wood where still very ancient shepherds’ houses are visible.

Upon arrival in Colonnata, a snack of the quarryman based on cold cuts, cheeses and vegetable tarts will be offered.

Final Information

Part of the visit includes access to workplaces, all carried out in accordance with current legislation.

Due to adverse weather conditions, the trek may be canceled.

At the end of the trekking and snack, you can decide whether:

  • Take a 4×4 tour of the highest quarries.
  • Visit a sculpture workshop and take a sculpture lesson.
  • Visit the historic center of Carrara (specific maps will be provided).

Possibility to find a B&B accommodation in Colonnata

Enjoy the atmosphere of an authentic quarrymen village. Colonnata, home of the famous local pork’s cured backfat, offers interesting accommodation in double and quadruple rooms. Contact us for more information at info@lunaetours.com

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