Hiking tour in the Cinque Terre and Portofino

5 days trekking tour in 5 Terre, Portofino and Portovenere natural parks with local expert guide.

The Italian Riviera stretches along the eastern Ligurian coast from the promontory of Portofino towards the east as far as the Cinque Terre and Portovenere natural parks. This one of the most enchanting regions for hiking lovers: plenty of trails running by the sea or up high along the ridge, some really challenging but the most of them doable with some training and good equipment, lovely villages to visit on the way and local specialties to taste for better remember these places.

This is a sample itinerary that can be customized according to your wishes, desired time of hiking, your training level and the number of days of trail walking.

5 Terre vineyards and olive groves – Corniglia, Volastra, Manarola, Riomaggiore – approx 4 hours hiking

Palmaria island ring in the park of Portovenere – approx 3 hours hiking

Portofino Natural Park – Santa Margherita, San Fruttuoso, Portofino – approx 4 hours hiking

5 Terre the path of the Sanctuaries – Monterosso, Soviore, Reggio, Vernazza – approx 4-hour hiking

The longest hike – Riomaggiore, Campiglia, Portovenere – approx 6 hours hiking


  • 5 Days trekking with local tour guide.
  • Hiking the trails of 5 Terre, Portofino and Portovenere.
  • Breathtaking views walking of footpaths stretching by the sea or up high.
  • Savor local specialties during the tour.
  • Move easily between the different sites by train.
  • Admire the panorama of the coast from the boat.



5 Terre vineyards and olive groves – Corniglia, Volastra, Manarola, Riomaggiore

Meet your guide and By train reach Corniglia from where, after the visit of the village, take one of the most scenic paths of the 5 Terre. You will be hiking immersed in the vineyards as far as Volastra.
Experience and learn more about local wines and foods by visiting the local cantina.
Later continue along the path as far as Manarola. Visit the village, and if you still have good legs take the Via Beccara. the path to Riomaggiore. Otherwise take the train to Riomaggiore.
Back by train to your accommodation.
Hiking time from 3 – up to 4,5 hrs

Palmaria island ring in the park of Portovenere.
Meet your guide and by train reach La Spezia. Have a stroll along the main street to the ferry terminal, from there enjoy a ride as far as Palmaria island. Once arrived hike the ring path and end up on the other side of the island. Free time for a swim and light lunch in a fishermen osteria.
In the afternoon take the ferry to Portovenere (UNESCO site), guided visit of the village and ferry back to Monterosso/levanto
Hiking time 2-3 hrs

Portofino Natural Park – Santa Margherita, San Fruttuoso, Portofino

Meet the guide and by train reach Santa Margherita Ligure and from there take the scenic path immersed in century-old olive groves, as far as the thousand-years old san Fruttuoso abbey (UNESCO site). Free time for lunch on your own.
After lunch, take the ferry to Portofino and after the visit back to santa Margherita.
By train return to Monterosso/Levanto
Hiking time 3 – 4 hrs

5 Terre the path of the Sanctuaries – Monterosso, Soviore, Reggio, Vernazza

Meet your guide and from Monterosso walk along the mule-track that leads to the Soviore Sanctuary located on top of the mountains overlooking 5 Terre.
From there continue along the ridge-footpaths as far as the Santuary of Reggio a real terrace over the 5 Terre and Vernazza. Proceed downhill as far as Vernazza and have free time for lunch.
After lunch return to Monterosso along the blue path or by train.
Hiking time from 3,5 to 5,5 hrs

The longest hike – Riomaggiore, Campiglia, Portovenere – approx 6 hours hiking

meet your guide and by train reach Riomaggiore from where starts the mule-track to Montenero Sanctuary, from there proceed to the village of Campiglia along the ridge and enjoy the view on one side of the Mediterranean,  on the other of the Gulf of Poets with La Spezia.
Light lunch in Campiglia in local osteria, then proceed along the path to Portovenere.
return by boat to Monterosso.
Hiking time 5 hrs

Price per person € 380,00 calculated on a base of 15 participants.

If your party is smaller or bigger, we will send you a customized quotation.


  • Private tour
  • Minimum #1 maximum #25 participants. If you have a bigger party we will arrange for you a bespoke program.
  • English speaking tour guide for every excursion.
  • Cinque Terre cards train and footpath day pass.
  • Boat tickets in 5 Terre and Portofino.
  • Train tickets to Santa Margherita.
  • Light lunch in Manarola and in Campiglia.
  • Briefing with the tour guide the day of your arrival.


  • Lunches when not expressively included.
  • Dinners.
  • Accommodation. On request we can arrange one.
  • Coach/car transfers on request.
  • Other extras not listed above
  • Tips (optional).

Tour details

  • Meeting point: will be planned according to your accommodation.
  • Duration: see itinerary.
  • Activity Level: challenging – Check here our activity level guide.
  • Unfortunately this tour is not suitable for people with wheelchair or reduced mobility. In this case let us know your needs, we will design a lighter version of the tour.
  • The tour runs with rain or shine, but in case of weather alert the tour can be modified or canceled.
  • Advised clothing: hiking boots/shoes, proper clothes, sunglasses, hat/cap, sunscreen.
  • Hiking time refer to hiking only, to which must be added photo stops, visit of the villages and lunch.
  • For most of the described routes, there are always available variants based on guests’ wishes or your legs conditions.
  • In case of rough sea the ferry rides can be replaced by the train or the itinerary modified.

Need more customization?
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