Hiking tour in the Cinque Terre

Trekking tour in the 5 Terre. A full day of challenging walk with a local expert guide along the trails of the National Park of Cinque Terre.

You will experience these wonderful villages from all the different viewpoints possible: wondering through their small lanes getting up close with the locals; hiking the cliff-side paths that connect the five villages offering unique scenarios of the terraced vineyards and the deep blue sea in the distance; tasting some local specialties to experience the 5 Terre flavors.

There is more than 120 km of footpaths (see the map below), the blue path that runs closer to the sea and through the villages, or the red path (the longest one) that runs up high along the mountain ridge, and many other secondary trails that link the two major ones. You are spoiled for choice!

Here below we propose one sample hiking, but feel free to ask for different ones we will be glad to submit a custom itinerary of one or more days.