Italy bike tours – From the Alps to Rome

Cycling through Italy form the majestic Alps, across the Apennines through the hills of Tuscany as far as Rome.

Italy bike tour from the mythical Stelvio and Gavia passes, to the Lake Garda, across the Apennines as far as Tuscany and all the way down the Etruscan Riviera coast as far as Viterbo right at the gateway of Rome.

This is a really challenging Italy bike tour from the Alps mountain range where face the legendary Giro d’Italia passes of Stelvio and Gavia. Then with a coach transfer reach Lake Garda and pedal all around this beautiful lake, afterwards ride down the Padana Plain as far as Mantua rich of Renaissance architectures. Another coach transfer ro reach Sassuolo and from there pedal to Bologna, so-called “the fat” due to the amazing cusine. From there start the ascent to the Apennines passes in order toreach the gates of Florence and, after a tour of this smazing city, proceed through the Chianti wine region as far as Siena. From the hearth of Tuscany cycle towards the coast and pleased by the sea breeze reach Grosseto and then soon after Pitigliano, one of the capitals of the Etruscan Nation. End up in Viterbo this long, challenging, adventurous bike tour.


  • Explore Italy at the slow pace of cycling.
  • Tour guides are former professional cyclists.
  • Climb legendary ascents of Giro d’Italia.
  • Visit UNESCO sites like Mantua, Florence, Siena.
  • Unique landscapes of Lake Garda, the Alps and the Apennines, the rolling hills of Chianti, the Tuscan Riviera.
  • Savor always local flavors, food specialties and wines.
  • 15 days – Approx 1000 km – Ascent 8700 m. – Descent 9500 m. – OUR ACTIVITY LEVEL GUIDE
  • Supporting van.

Feel free always to enquire a further customization of the tours, according to your physical conditions, your desires or experience.