Pesto making experience in Cinque Terre

boat tour and pesto making class

Private tour with local guide for learning how to make the authentic pesto sauce and visiting the 5 Terre villages.

The essence of the Cinque Terre lies in the pesto sauce as the symbol of self-subsistence living. For this reasons, we offer you a day visiting some Cinque Terre villages during which the morning is dedicated to the exploration of one village, later start the pesto-making class discovers all the secrets of the authentic recipe by using the original ingredients: basil, pine nuts, olive oil, garlic and cheese. Afterward, have a light lunch in such nice location overlooking the sea.

In the afternoon keep on exploring the other villages moving by train. Visit Riomaggiore together with your guide, walk all the way along the high path that overlooks the village and from where admire the whole coastline of the 5 Terre. After some free time still by train move to Vernazza, guided visit of this charming village followed by a good gelato tasting.