Sculpting class – Be Michelangelo for 3 hours

Be Michelangelo for 3 hours with our Carrara marble sculpting class. Have fun with your family or your friends to carving your own piece marble with hammer, chisel and the help of a marble artisan. At the end go back home with your hand made marble work.

Experience suitable for small and large group (up to 20/25 people). Don’t miss the opportunity to try carving a piece of Carrara marble, feel the pleasure to create little marble works with your own hands!  This class is mainly for beginners, but can be also set with a different duration for experts as well:  artists with a certain ability in carving stones or other materials.


Tour Details

How the sculpting lesson works

  • You arrive with your own vehicle at the sculpture workshop, you will be greeted by the owner who will make you visit the workshop explaining the techniques used to sculpt the marble.
  • You will then be provided with a marble tile, protective glasses, gloves, hammer and chisel.
  • Draw what you prefer on the piece of marble: an animal, a flower, a fantasy figure. The sculptor shows how to use the hammer and chisel to start removing the marble around the drawing.
  • Start sculpting on your own, if the sculptor judges you are good enough, he can also use compressed air tools.
  • Smooth your marble work with emery and sandpaper and finally sign it !!!
  • During the lesson, water and a snack based on local focaccia will be provided.

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