Carrara marble sculpting class

Be Michelangelo for 3 hours with our Carrara marble sculpting class. Have fun with your family or your friends to carving your own piece marble with hammer, chisel and the help of a marble artisan. At the end go back home with your hand made marble work.

Experience suitable for small and large group (up to 20/25 people). Don’t miss the opportunity to try carving a piece of Carrara marble, feel the pleasure to create little marble works with your own hands!  This class is mainly for beginners, but can be also set with a different duration for experts as well:  artists with a certain ability in carving stones or other materials.


  • Be Michelangelo for 3 hours.
  • Experience suitable for small and large group (up to 20/25 people).
  • Learn more about marble sculpting methods in an authentic marble workshop.
  • Make your own marble work by using hammer and chisel.
  • Upgrade the sculpting experience by visiting the marble quarries and make it as a full day. Learn more about the history of excavation  how to choose a marble block good for sculpting.


How the sculpting class works

  • Step one: protective glasses and gloves are provided.
  • Step two: sketch on a marble tile whatever you like: an animal, a flower, a fantasy figure.
  • Step three: the sculptor shows how to handle hammer and chisel in order to start removing the material around the drawing.
  • Step four: start carving by yourself, if the sculptor judges you are good enough will let you use even power tools for carving faster the marble.
  • Step five: smooth your marble work and finally sign it!!!



  • Quotation on request since this is a private experience.
  • Meeting point is at the marble workshop. Transfer service on request from your hotel.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • The class is held outside or inside according to the season or to the number of the participants. 

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