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Carrara marble quarries

Discover the amazing world of Carrara marble, learn more about the geology, the method of marble excavation and about the history of this unique people.

Visit the marble quarries, they are reachable by motor-coach! If you wish to see more, we have smaller vehicles able to climb to the mountain tops. Visit the sculpture workshops, watch the marble artisans at work, or try yourself carving a piece of marble in our “sculpting experience”.  Stroll around Carrara the town built of marble, taste the local food and wine specialties in Colonnata, the oldest quarrymen village, relax on the sandy beaches of Marina di Carrara.

We offer a wide variety of tours and activities for large and small groups, for adults and children:

Private 4×4 marble quarries tour.

  • Carrara marble quarries motor-coach tours.
  • Visit of the marble workshops.
  • Marble sculpting experience.
  • Hiking tours on the marble mountains.
  • Cycling tours in Carrara and surroundings

Carrara was built at the bottom of its marble mountains, it is located along the coast of northern Tuscany next to the boundary of Liguria region. Behind Carrara, the three main marble valleys disclose themselves: Colonnata, Miseglia and Torano which take the name from their main villages.

The ancient Romans started 2000 years ago and, after them, generations of quarrymen with enormous efforts, hard work and sweat, spent their lives facing daily these harsh mountains (called Alpi Apuane) for the excavation of this white shiny stone.

The Carrara marble has been used by Michelangelo, Bernini, Canova, and many other sculptors and architects who loved to build or carve with this unique stone their masterpieces. Lately, Carrara has been included by UNESCO in the list of Creative Cities due to the longtime tradition in the craftsmanship of marble.