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Cinque Terre

Explore 5 terre UNESCO site by walking the backstreets of the villages, hiking along the daring footpaths, boating along the coast or tasting local food and wines.

Cinque Terre are five tiny villages hanging on the cliffs of eastern Liguria: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso, together with Portovenere they are the two UNESCO sites of this area and Natural Parks also. 

Try one of our tours or activities in this area:
  • Guided walking tours.
  • Hiking tours to have an in-depth view of the region;
  • Private boat tours of 5 Terre for a seaside view of the villages;
  • Cooking and pesto making experiences.
  • Wine tasting tours.
  • Bike Tours.
Please don’t consider 5 Terre just a pretty place to photograph, here people have been living for centuries, they shaped the mountains into terraces with unbelievable efforts and struggled daily with Mother Nature to grow grapes, olives, and vegetables.
The villages are very small and each one offers reasons for a visit, explore the area at a slow pace, stroll in the shady alleys, breathe the ambiance, the colors, the perfumes of these places, taste local authentic flavors. Take your time to experience all this, and you will be happy to return!