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Private Carrara marble sculpting experience

carrara marble sculpting experience

Private marble sculpting lesson.
Be Michelangelo for 3 hours with our Carrara marble sculpting class.

In the land of marble, do what the locals have been doing for 2000 years: carve a piece of marble.
Fun and involving experience for individuals, families and large groups.

carrara, tourist carving marble during the sculpting class

Don’t miss the opportunity to try carving a piece of Carrara marble, feel the pleasure to create little marble works with your own hands!
The Carrara private marble sculpting experience, is set for those that have never taken hammer and chisel in their hands but, on request, it can be set with a different duration for beginners/experts as well.

a large family show off their marble works 


  • Learn to sculpting marble, be Michelangelo for 2 hours.
  • Visit an authentic sculpture workshop and learn the secrets “in the art of removing” explained by the marble craftsmen.
  • Experience the thrill of sculpting marble by learning to using hammer and chisel under the guidance of a sculptor.
  • Go back home with your little marble work signed by you.

husband and wife during the sculpting experience

How does the sculpting experience work

This experience is on request and suitable for small and large groups. We propose it as an extension of the marble quarries tour in the morning. After a snack lunch in Colonnata, in the early afternoon move into the workshop for the sculpting lesson.

Upon arrival at the sculpture workshop, you will be welcomed by the owner, who will show you around.

You will then be provided with a marble tile, protective glasses, gloves, hammer, and chisel.

Draw what you like on the piece of marble: an animal, a flower, a fantasy figure.

The sculptor will show how to use the hammer and chisel to start removing the marble around the drawing.

Start sculpting on your own, if the sculptor judges you are good enough, will let you use the power-tools.

Smooth your marble work with emery and sandpaper and finally sign it !!!

Go back home with your marble work.


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